An Innovative Project Management Plus Approach

InnC UK’s approach will be to identify, engage and select the best trade contractors for the program. We have established relationships with all of the relevant suppliers and subcontractors. What we don’t have is trading history issues that will get in the way of selecting the right solutions for the program. Construction management can be the most effective form of procurement if interfaces between the packages, risks and opportunities are managed correctly. Costs can be tightly controlled to budgets, package scopes can be carefully drawn up to suit suppliers and subcontractor’s strengths, but at the same time reducing our client’s exposure. Our approach will be more than just a Construction Manager. Using a combination of our Construction Management and Project Management skills, we will bring a fresh approach to focusing on six super packages and working to achieve early cost certainty, along with a comprehensive scope and competitive price. Our six super packages will be:

  • Logistics
  • Substructure and Frame
  • Envelope
  • Infrastructure MEP
  • Statutory Authorities
  • Fit Out

Working as required, seamlessly with our clients, we will develop and deliver the best possible procurement and delivery strategy for each super package, making sure the interface works. This may include the involvement of a number of separate packages under one super package, or just a single trade contractor. Most importantly, we will achieve the cost certainty, competitiveness and engagement of trade contractors far beyond a traditional construction management approach. That is why we are called InnC UK. It stands for Innovation in Construction- the future of construction delivery.

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